Why a tour with me?

Your Milanese personal guide in Milano

Your personal guide in Milano

► Because my tours are private and exclusive, designed on your requests. You will not be placed in a large group of strangers

► Because we can start the tour from your hotel or residence or any other place of your choice in Milano.

► Because I propose tours, not schedules, so even if the expected time is up, I will complete the program you have purchased.

► Because I will provide all the information you need to enjoy the rest of your holiday, helping you make the most of your time in Milan and avoiding the places aimed at the less discerning tourist.

► Because if you booked a tour with me, you can feel free to text me in the following days for any information and clarifications.

► Because taxes are included and I do not accept tips, so the indicated prices are final.

► Last but not least: Because only a genuine Milanese like me can show you Milano as my magnificent city deserves.

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